The king of carpets 

Bengaluru-based Carpet Kingdom is the oldest manufacturer of carpets in South India with a legacy going back 125 years

Express News Service

Despite being the most unobtrusive of home furnishings, carpets are an important part of every space. Modern industry practices use carpets for lining walls of elevators, creating bespoke mouse pads, as upholstery for chairs, and even as the textile of choice for shoes and handbags. Carpet Kingdom, the oldest carpet manufacturer from South India, going back 125 years, is one of few brands at the forefront of this change.

The brand’s journey began on the streets of Amritsar, and then moved to Bengaluru, to service the large British cantonment there. English patrons loved the thick hand-woven Kashmiri carpets, and by 1950, they had opened their first store in Commercial Street.

Ali Akmal Jan, Founding Partner of Carpet Kingdom, says, “Most of our designs are exclusive and conceptualised in-house. Having been in the business for over a century, we bring an expertise that has been handed down through generations and allows us to stand apart from the competition. We believe that our quality, after sales service and the level of customisation we offer to clients, are unparalleled.”

Claiming that their modern and transitional designs are increasingly more popular than traditional classics, he adds, “We have used carpets in all kinds of places, including on walls as a design feature and for acoustic value.”

Additionally, to meet the demands of younger and more discerning customers, Carpet Kingdom offers a range of carpets made of eco-friendly materials such as PET yarn, sisal, natural fibres and even upcycled silk sarees. These are based on the ideation of their R&D team that frequently discusses use of colours, designs and techniques, while attempting to stay eco-conscious.

When asked what’s next on the cards, Jan emphatically says, “Going green by adopting various eco-friendly practices and introducing more eco-friendly products.” His team also hopes to expand their presence to other parts of India.

Carpet Kingdom primarily retails through their Indiranagar store in Bengaluru, believing that carpets require touch, feel and experience, before being bought. However, they offer a select range on third party online sites, and also ship internationally.

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