With a tradition that dates back centuries, Persia has produced some of the finest examples of the carpet –making art.  Persian design carpets are known for their intricate designs and rich looks.  A Persian carpet is the symbol of honour, wealth, and aristocracy. Traditionally, Persian carpet designs can broadly be categorized into three types, the All-Over, the Central Medallion, and the One-Sided.

Their popular motifs such as Boteh, Gul, and Herati, etc.:- are used creatively in the design, in an ornamentally fluid form that tells a story. The names of Persian rug patterns like Kashan, Kirman, Nain, etc.;- are derived from the regions they originated and are unique in their style and character. All these names found their way into India along with the Persian style of carpet weaving that was introduced by the Mughals, in the 16th century and they continue to be popularly used to identify the design of a carpet.

However, over the years Indian masters, inspired by these designs, created attractive variations that got woven into beautiful carpets. Because of their global appreciation and demand, these works of art now fall under a category popularly known as “Indo-Persian” – style of Indian provenance.

India is today one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of hand-knotted / handmade carpets. Persian and Indo-Persian design carpets have retained their popularity and continue to be prized possessions, the world over. Though originally hand-made these designs are now also made on machines and are available at prices that are affordable.

If you are looking to give a space a luxurious look and own a masterpiece that makes a statement, you won’t go wrong with a Persian or Indo – Persian design carpet from our vast collection.

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